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“If you want to be successful, look at what everyone else is doing, and do something different.”
X-Bets - Draw Bets Service With Over 350 Points Profit


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How often you do place a bet on the draw ? 

 I'd be willing to wager (pun intended) that the answer would be....

"Not very often". 


It is market that we, as punters, are most likely to overlook, which can, in turn, present us with very solid value if we know how to profile the right matches. 


It is human psychological nature that we want to take a definitive position on something whether we are a fan or a bettor. We naturally try to a form an opinion which, in Football terms, is whether Team A or Team B will win, often overlooking the draw

This can then have the unintended consequence of the draw price often being higher than the real probability of a game ending in a draw.

"Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns" Warren Buffett

If we were to apply the above quote, {{ subscriber.first_name }}, by the great Warren Buffett, then he'd likely be talking about investing in draw betting on football.


In other words, "Great moves" like bets on draws would usually be greeted by "Yawns" from many punters.​

With PK's X Bets strategy (X being the traditional symbol on the home win / draw / away win coupon (1X2)), we can see that PK's average odds are 3.51 on the draw, yet he is winning 35.44% of the time. 

 We can convert the odds into a percentage easily by using this formula =1/(3.51/100) which gives us an expected strike to break even of 28.49% - so we are winning almost 7% of the time more than we should be - that is a huuuuuge edge and explains the significant profits that PK is now able to pull in on a regular basis.

X-Bets - Profit From Backing The Draw

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X-Bets - Extremely Profitable Draw Betting Service

Test On Nearly 2,000 Live Bets

20%+ margin on bets

High Strike Rate, Draw Bets

Over 340 points Profit

At £10 stakes = £3,400 level stakes profit

At £50 stakes = £17,000 level stakes profits

Bet with confidence

Suitable for small AND BIG Banks

Significant potential for big Acca Profits

Can be fully automated if you have a BF Bot Manager License

Extremely Limited Places

We Control Membership Levels To Protect Members and Profits

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