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Apex Racing is unlike any racing service you will have followed before. 

It is highly selective horse racing investment service that focuses on achieving an extremely high strike rate (win rate), with incredibly strong return on investment.

You will not have a bet every day. In fact, you will likely have 10-15 betting opportunities each month.

However, when we do have a selection you know you can invest strongly and confidently, safe in the knowledge that you will be winning 70%+ of the time.

Apex Results Are Insanely Good

Longterm Trading Prophets Member

Apex is a real flagship of this service

Longterm Trading Prophets Member

June Live Trial Results

During our live, free, trial in June 2021. We provided (at the time of writing) 8 selections.

  • 6 winners
  • 75% strike rate
  • 24% Return On Investment
  • 18.72% Return On Capital (Bank growth)

2+ Years Of Live Results

These results were not unusual. We have run Apex Racing, Live, for more than two years as part of our Trading Prophet community and this is the first time we have made these investment selections available publicly as a stand-a-lone service.

Apex Racing has been running since May 2019.

From May 2019 to early December, the investment selections were advised manually. 

  • £1,000 bank into £18,468
  • 18.21% Return On Investment
  • 70.3% Strike Rate

Since Mid-December 2019, all investments have been placed automatically through BF Bot Manager within the Trading Prophet community. During that time it has

  • Grown a starting bank of £1,000 to over £16,500  
  • Generated a real-money profit for members of over £15,500 
  • Consistently achieved a 75% win rate over 2+ years 
  • Delivered a 22% Return On Investments 

 This is quite literally the safest racing investment model that you can find.
Apex Racing - The Safest Racing Investment Model That You Can Find

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Apex Racing - Safest Racing Investment Service

Live bet and proofed for more than two years

Exceptionally high win rate

Incredibly High Returns

Win Over 70% of your bets

Highly selection, premium, racing investment advice

Bet with confidence

Suitable for small AND BIG Banks

Profit Margins Up To 100%+ Per Trade

Can be fully automated if you have a BF Bot Manager License

Extremely Limited Places

We Control Membership Levels To Protect Members and Profits

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